Teaching Style


Here are a few elements that make up my unique teaching style. 


I LISTEN!!!!  That’s right, I listen to my students to understand what they want and, if applicable, what their parents want for them out of the lessons.  Then after I gain this understanding, I fit it to the world of music.  However, just teaching students 100% what they want is not in their best interests; but, just teaching what the teacher wants is also not in the student’s best interests.  Herein lies the challenge of a great teacher, and this is why I am different – understanding the student’s wants and needs and meshing them with solid foundational music teaching.  It’s not easy and this is where I excel – I am still able to “get” the fundamentals in (and they are very important) yet have the student walk away knowing he/she has been listened to and is learning something he/she specifically wanted to learn.  The result?  EVERYONE IS HAPPY!  I’ve done this so many times and the fulfillment for seeing the student shine like this is just the best. 


I go out of my way keeping diligent notes of where each and every student of mine is at, week to week – It’s not a “one lesson for all” teaching approach with me.  So each student really feels cared for.


I am very good at explaining complicated things in simple terms.  You see, in music, even the fundamentals can be daunting at times, so having a teacher that can explain them, teach them and make students retain them easily is invaluable to a student’s musical journey. 


Click on some of my videos and you can see the diversity in which I can play (Van Halen to Beatles to Classical to Acoustic, etc.)  I’m not confined to any genre.  Music is music.   And I teach from age 5 and up. 



So how does it work?


Where – I usually teach at my studio, it’s a very comfortable and relaxed setting.


How long is a lesson – About 40 minutes.  This applies to both Individual and Group lessons.  This is just about the right amount of time that you can give a student a lot of information each lesson yet not start losing their attention or overload them.  This time slot has worked very well for my students over the years. 


Rates – Email me if you are interested and I will let you know the current rates – my rates are reasonable.  I also have discounts when paid in advance of a semester, see below. 



Types of student settings


·        Individual – This would be the one-on-one teacher/student dynamic.  This can be for anyone, but from about 13 years old and up, I would recommend individual lessons.  If you are 13 or older but would still prefer to be in a Group setting that’s fine too – the choice is yours. 


·        Group – Group really works well for little kids, from 5 to 8, 9, even up to 12 years old.  I try to arrange groups with similar ages so there are not twelve 5 year olds and one 10 year old!  Now that wouldn’t be good!  But assuming most 9 and 10 year olds would be in the same group, or most 5 and 6 year olds would be in the same group, it’s usually a lot of fun.  And young kids feed off of each other, especially when it comes to music.  The choice is entirely up to you, these are just some recommendations.  Again, the Group lesson works best with the young ones.  Group rates are at a discount of 15% to Individual rates. 




Lessons are once per week for all.  However, there are discounts if you sign up for longer blocks/semesters at a time, and these discounts apply to both Individual and Group lessons.  You may sign up for any of the four sessions:


·        Week to week - Simple, pay as you go but no discount.     


·       4 week sessions – Tuition paid in advance, the price is the same as a weekly lesson less a 10% discount.   These are nice for summer time if you want to commit to only 1 month’s worth of lessons and get a discount. 


·       8 week sessions – Tuition paid in advance, the price is the same as a weekly lesson less a 15% discount.   These can also work in summer time or year-round.


·       12 week sessions – Tuition paid in advance, the price is the same as a weekly lesson less a 20% discount.   If you are a serious guitar player or hope to be, and you want to make the commitment, these are for you.



Thanks for listening, hope to teach you soon!  Send me an email if you are interested (go to my Contact page).